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zhang Apr 24
HPE0-J79 - Architecting Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions
There are different organizations in the IT industry offering certifications exams. Being certified is the key to improve one’s career in the field of Information Technology. It also enhances the dignity and status of a professional.
Exam description
One of the current certification exams that IT professionals should consider is the HPE0-J79. This exam evaluates the skills and knowledge of the candidate on how to become Storage Architects and Storage Consultants. It also tests the ability in supporting the sales representatives.
Exam details
The HPE0-J79 is a proctored exam given at designated testing center. It includes 60 questions in multiple choice. It must be completed within 1 hour and 30 minutes. To obtain the certificate [url=http://www.brownsrookiesproshop.com/...zalez-browns-jersey/]Zane Gonzalez Browns Jersey[/url] , the candidate should achieve the passing score of 70%. It is available in different languages including English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. This examination is related to HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V2.
Topics for the exam
• Apply, evaluate and differentiate the storage technologies and architecture
• Evaluate, propose and recommend HPE storage products [url=http://www.brownsrookiesproshop.com/...ilson-browns-jersey/]Howard Wilson Browns Jersey[/url] , design components, solutions and servicewarranty offerings
• Assess the storage market and determine the competitive opportunities in applying HPE storage solutions appropriate to the needs of the customers
• Planning and designing of HPE storage solutions
• Optimize, upgrade and performance-tune HPE storage solutions
• Monitor, administer [url=http://www.brownsrookiesproshop.com/...njobi-browns-jersey/]Larry Ogunjobi Browns Jersey[/url] , manage and operate HPE storage solutions

Preparing for the exam

Passing the exam is easier said than done. That’s why it is advice that the candidate should have adequate time to prepare. Taking this certification exam requires the candidate to be knowledgeable and skillful in implementing the job of Storage Solution Architect. The questions are presented via a scenario presenting a specific problem or environment. Exhibits are also included in some questions.

As much as possible, you should not leave a question without an answer. If you still have time, after answering all the questions you must return and review all your answers. Before providing the answer, make sure to read and understand the entire questions. In order to prepare for the exam thoroughly [url=http://www.brownsrookiesproshop.com/...njoku-browns-jersey/]David Njoku Browns Jersey[/url] , the candidate should know the various topics that must be reviewed or studied.

There are plenty of materials available in the internet however, it is important to make the right choice.
In choosing the right materials, it should be developed and designed by certified professionals to ensure that you are getting the right information. You can use study books that contain exam questions developed by expert level authors. Before purchasing the book, you should check what you will benefit from it.

Another way of preparing for the HPE0-J79 examination is to consult certified professionals who have taken the same examination. This is the best way to obtain helpful suggestions and recommendations on how you can easily pass the examination with higher scores. Keep in mind that passing the examination and obtaining the certificate is an ideal way to improve your career.

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