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The Laurie inside original Halloween would have been a terrified teenager | Forum

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ivan ben
ivan ben Nov 8 '18
He’s fairly restrained here, clearly aware the fabric is so extravagant it doesn’t need a great deal of his special sauce - other than an extended single take where he alternates howling in anguish and chugging an entirely bottle of vodka while wearing only Y fronts plus a tiger-printed T-shirt free movies online . It only works because Cage commits fully, daring you to find him ridiculous. Like Sideshow Bob with those rakes, it begins sad, gets silly, then somehow doubly sad - it’s a fantastic piece of work.

Otherwise, Cage is content permit his latent crazy-eye syndrome carry out the work, a subtlety that keeps the truly mad stuff he gets approximately - like, say, a chainsaw duel, or forging his personal six-foot vengeance scythe, or taking of a gallon of arterial spray inside mouth - around the right side of absurdity.

Through multiple elaborately styled sequences that see Estrada escape everything from split screens to crane shots and even more, we slowly understand the effect it has on Collin’s psyche, and Diggs’ soulful, tender performance makes him very easy to root for. Meanwhile, since the neighbourhood around him sets out to change, Miles must reckon along with his white privilege as well as the black culture he’s co-opted all his life, and Casal’s performance is appropriately fiery.

This is Curtis’ film through and through, along with the actress easily slips back in one of her most iconic roles. The Laurie from the original Halloween was obviously a terrified teenager, ill-prepared to confront such immitigable evil. The Laurie listed here is a survivor - as well as a fighter. She’s spent the very last 40 years without doubt Michael Myers will come back to finish her off and, because of this, devoted her life to becoming the final badass. With a house rigged track of booby-traps with an arsenal that might make The Punisher blush watch comedy movies online , Laurie is set not to become a victim again. Curtis excels at handling Laurie’s tough but somewhat damaged state. She can look after herself, and then some, but she still bears the scars - emotional and physical - of this long-ago Halloween night.