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The Laurie from the original Halloween was obviously a terrified teenager | Forum

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ivan ben
ivan ben Nov 8 '18
When Moore’s over a roll, nobody’s gonna stop him, even though that roll is ziggy, zaggy and rather protracted wathc movies online . Fahrenheit 11/9 is often a scattershot broadside which, at merely over 2 hours long, can have benefitted on the excision of a few off-brief distractions. At times it feels as though there’s two movies playing simultaneously: the main one you expect, through which Moore asks “how the fuck did this happen?” the other which feels as though a direct Roger & Me sequel, by which he tackles Flint’s ongoing water crisis, where government corruption resulted in the lead-poisoning of 10,000 children - mostly black, all poor; what Moore calls a “slow-motion ethnic cleansing”.

The latter strand is interesting, infuriating as well as a story which needs to be told. But it can have been better treated if given its very own documentary, as an alternative to Trojan Horsed into this blog on the tangential basis that it’s the sort of consequence Americans can expect over a national level from electing an abundant, self-serving Snyder-like weasel as President.

This is Curtis’ film through and through, plus the actress easily slips directly into one of her most iconic roles. The Laurie from the original Halloween would have been a terrified teenager, ill-prepared to confront such immitigable evil. The Laurie here is usually a survivor - as well as a fighter. She’s spent the past 40 years without doubt Michael Myers will come back to finish her off and, therefore, devoted her life to becoming the greatest badass. With a house rigged with booby-traps with an arsenal that may make The Punisher blush, Laurie is established not to be considered a victim again. Curtis excels at handling Laurie’s tough but somewhat damaged state. She can manage herself, and then some, but she still bears the scars - emotional and physical - of the long-ago Halloween night.

Those other filmmakers won’t have Jamie Lee Curtis into their corner either, delivering a performance of which passion, power, and grace, that without her Halloween just wouldn’t work. This sequel ignores all of the previous sequels, instead telling a different story four decades later - an article about a woman whose life was irrevocably changed and damaged in the events of October 31, 1978. The Babysitter Murders, when they were called, were renowned to the world, and Michael Myers (Nick Castle), safely locked away in the institution, remains as silent so when enigmatic as it ever was watch cbs video channel . When several true crime podcasters visit Myers to look into the 40 year-old murders, they start a series of events thats liable to bring Laurie Strode, now a grandmother plus a recluse, back in the forefront.