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Both laser and IPL are methods for reducing and preventing hair growth by techniques that disable hair follicles. Both methods use thermal and light energy to destroy and destroy hair follicles under the skin. However, their methods are different, and laser hair removal is widely considered to be a more effective method.

To understand why laser hair removal is more effective than IPL or intense pulse phototherapy, it is important to understand how each technique works.

IPL treatment

IPL produces a wide range of light, with shallow layers penetrating the skin. This broad spectrum is diffuse and does not target any particular aspect of the hair. Some wavelengths of light are absorbed by the hair, causing the hair follicle to heat up and break, while the rest is reflected off. Only some of the energy generated during IPL can affect the hair, making it a less effective method of hair removal than laser treatment.

It is worth noting that, occasionally, IPL is called IPL laser treatment. This can be misleading because the beam produced by IPL is broad-spectrum light and does not involve laser light.

Laser Treatment

The laser produces a single, concentrated wavelength of light that penetrates deep into the skin and reaches the bottom of the hair follicle.

The wavelengths used in laser therapy are specifically used to target melanin in hair follicles. Unlike IPL, IPL uses a more dispersed method in which only some of the light is absorbed by the hair follicle. The narrow beam used in laser therapy is targeted, precise and effective - all the energy used in therapy is used to reduce/eliminate the intended purpose of hair growth.

Which is better, IPL or laser?

As you can see from the different methods of treatment affecting the hair

Follicular rupture, laser hair removal provides a more targeted and direct method. It also provides more lasting results, and IPL will require ongoing, regular supplemental treatment.

Laser hair removal is also suitable for hair that is not effective with IPL treatment, especially coarse or coarse hair. This is because the target beam reaches the follicle, and IPL light does not effectively penetrate these types of hair to generate enough heat.

So why do some clinics have IPL instead of laser? One of the main reasons is cost savings. A single IPL machine can treat many skin conditions, including excess hair, pigmentation and capillaries, but does not treat them like a specialized laser, such as the Diode 808 Laser for hair removal. Multiple lasers cost much more than a single IPL machine.

If you need more information about lasers and IPL, please feel free to contact sk-eily.com. As a true beauty equipment manufacturer for medical CE and FDA, you will get the most professional advice on which machine to choose.



Hyperpigmentation may be an adverse consequence of internal physical and/or external factors, including hormonal changes, sun exposure, skin types, trauma, and the natural aging process of the skin. An area that exhibits uneven skin tone, darkness, age spots, or freckles and pigmentation occurs when excessive melanin (skin pigmentation) is stimulated. The factors that may cause this process can be divided into external, internal and genetic factors: What are the causes of pigmentation?

Sun damage
Skin type
Skin wound/damage
Environmental exposure
environmental change
Uric acid (sweat)
Trauma, drugs and medical conditions

The types of pigmentation we can treat include:


· Chloasma/Chloasma

· General skin color is uneven (brown plaque, red spots/acne scars)


· Increased post-traumatic hyperpigmentation


·Liver spots/age spots


Pigmentation treatment
Now, clinics and beauty spas offer many programs that can help reduce various types of pigmentation. Options include:

Photo revival

CO2 laser skin resurfacing machine is an extremely effective treatment for a variety of pigmentation. Photo Rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that uses light to absorb melanin (melanin) and hemoglobin (red in blood vessels). This light is converted into heat, destroying the target cells without damaging the skin surface. After treating areas of pigmentation, they turn black, sometimes almost black, and then fall off within 7 to 28 days (depending on the size of the body), otherwise, it will gradually fade.

Photo Rejuvenation is best for fair to the olive skin; dark to the very dark skin is not suitable for treatment.

Skin acupuncture

Skin acupuncture is very effective in treating dark skin hyperpigmentation. This multitasking can rejuvenate the skin and promote more balanced and normalized cellular function. Since melanocytes (pigmentation cells) are directly targeted, the repair and correction process promotes a uniform skin tone, resulting in a radiant appearance. Often, a beauty clinic or spa will receive different treatment sizes to specifically address a range of pigmentation problems.

Low intensity laser therapy (LLLT)

LLLT is a medical grade cold laser that reduces hyperpigmentation without heat or discomfort. LLLT acts in the skin to balance overactive melanocytes (pigmentation cells) and sunburn cells. After a series of treatments, the complexion gradually becomes clearer and the gloss is higher. LLLT is another very effective treatment for hyperdermal hyperpigmentation.

skin care

Use products containing vitamin A and vitamin C to reduce the appearance of uneven tones caused by sun exposure, skin inflammation or hormonal imbalance, to resolve age spots, skin discoloration and uneven skin tone.

Daily use of sunscreen is essential when receiving IPL skin rejuvenation machine, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel or Skin Needling. It also prevents further pigmentation and helps to improve current pigmentation more quickly.

If you need more detailed information on pigment removal, please feel free to contact SK-EILY. You can get professional guidance from us.