Fine Art

Kelebogile Masilo Esther

Artist Biography:
Kelebogile Masilo born (1990) is a up an coming artist from the East Rand . She started her artist career doing art classes at Pro Art Studios in Alberton (2009-2010). She then joined Artist Proof Studio (2013) studied for three years and graduated in (2015) . She beginning her independent career in (2016) and worked as a print technician’s assistant for a year. She was part of the fresh produced collective (2016) and continued working with other organization such as IDC gallery . In (2017) she was part of the first ever Blessing Ngobeni Awards , in a group exhibition . (2018) she was entered in the IT Web Brainstorm calendar competition and won third price runner up. Artist statement
My work is about my relationship with my mother the memories and the womenly values she has embedded in me trying to find my way through womanhood. In my work I used roses the represent my memories of her and the symbolic memories of always being in her rose garden growing up .Rose is also a family name of my grandmother . In my work I use the narrative or tell a story of trying to defined my self through the things my mother has tought me and put me through . Like a see planted with in me representing the good and the bad memories and how they have a way of coming out . Th type of roses I use in my work are hybrid roses their know to grow uncontrollably and in overwhelmingly great number so I use those elements of feeling overwhelmed and trying to define my own identity from the things my mother has tought me. I used pattens texture and mostly dark red colour to create my own make believe garden where all these physical changes are taking place on the figure.
Project Name : Kelebogile Masilo ‘Solo Exhibition

Theme: The story of womanhood , told through surrealism and mythical story’s This exhibition will focus on the growth and changes that I had to develop as a modern woman.

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