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Everything You Need To Know About NASDAQ: INO Stocks And Analysis

A brief introduction to NASDAQ

You must have heard of the stock market. It is a market that encourages the purchasing and selling of stocks or securities. Popular stock markets are NYSE, Tokyo stock exchange, and Nasdaq. NASDAQ stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations Exchange. Originally an American stock exchange, it is situated in New York City.

Nasdaq: Ino


Inovia is an American pharmaceutical company founded in 1983, publicly traded as the NASDAQ: INO at It has it’s headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.

It deals in developing, discovering, and researching DNA-based immunotherapy to treat various cancers, hepatitis B virus, Ebola virus, and many more.

Information about NASDAQ: INO

Valuation of inovia pharmaceuticals

  • It has a market capitalization value of about 1.97 billion
  • Day range of high-low is 11.42 – 12.10 as of 2 October 2020
  • Its price is 11.7 4 with a change percentage of +1.21
  • Share volume is 9599211
  • Earnings per share are -1.72 dollar

The trading range for the current last sale is $11.7 4 which, is 5.3 % higher than the past 52 weeks trading range.

Holders of NASDAQ: INO

  • The number of institutions which hold shares is 163
  • 2.69 % of shares by insiders
  • 29.4 0% of float held by institutions

Performance of NASDAQ: INO

  • One year performance is 459.05%
  • Three months performance is -45.27%
  • Past one-month performance is 22.68%
  • The past five-day performance is -30.7%

Analyst valuation mark

  • The average stock price point of ino 13.7 1.
  • The high estimate of stock price target of INO is 25.00
  • Low estimate average stock price target of INS 8.00
  • The current stock price target is 11.74

Financials forecast of NASDAQ: INO

  • Predicted earnings per share for 2020 was -1.49
  •  For 2019, it was   -1.21

Income statement

For the year 2019

  • Net income   -120.55 million
  • Yoy %.-24.32%
  • Total revenue of 4.11 million
  • Operating income    -111.11million

The balance sheet of INO

  • Total assets for the year 2019 were 143.95 Million.
  • Total liabilities were 138.5 million.
  • The debt to asset ratio was 96.25%

According to the critic rating, the NASDAQ: INO is on hold with 62.50%

Are there any chances of a rise in stock prices of INO due to its corona vaccine project?

In March 2020, the Ino prices fell at 23% for the trading of five days. It has a fall of 28% in August in the trading of five days.

The review by eight analysts made a $15.20 target price that was a 26% rise based on its closed price of dollar 12.14 on 28 September. The technical analysis gave 2 points for a buy, 5 points for hold, and 1 for sale.

Currently, INO is working on its coronavirus vaccine project, which will be highly valued if it gets successful. And chances are for a rise in the stock prices of INO.  If the FDA approves INO- 4800 vaccine project, there are high possibilities of rising by 30-35%. You can check more stocks like NASDAQ: GOOG at before trading.

However, if it fails to satisfy the FDA, the NASDAQ: INO prices can fall even more and face a loss of funds.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.